The Closed Looped

Lifecycle BIM Hub

A central place for a lifecycle approach to communicate, gather, create and connect the future of BIM. Loops is dedicated to get the best project outcome and fix the fractured AEC supply chain in its way.


Why Closed Loop Lifecycle Management?

CL2M will give insight in processes and resources through the use of sensor data and give information feedback into the lifecycle.

Fractured AEC Supply Chain?

All parties involved in the supply chain have their own interests, (BIM) workflows and position in the process, which is not always the best solution for the lifecycle of the built objects.

Yet Another Tool?

Loops is not a tool that will get you away from your most used software. We want to let you use your created data everywhere, independant of your software needs!
BIM model viewer

See all your BIM models online in an intuitive viewer
Lifecycle coordination

Communicate and meet with all lifecycle team members
Big Data Mining

Data is key, have insight in project conditions, and predict future scenarios
Software Agnostic

Open standard which supports almost all AEC Software

Loops is in Development

Loops started in 2017 and is now in early stages of development. Your influence on this development can be big! We are looking for good ideas, funding and help in development!

Cooperation Opportunities

Get more information about development, advantages and helpfull tips. Or get in contact to get to know what the options are for funding or helping with development.

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